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Same Day Voter Registration

Most states require that you register to vote days, or even weeks, before election day in order to vote. That usually means that voting is a two step process that requires a trip to a government office during their business hours before you can even think about squeezing in a trip to the polls on a Tuesday. And that’s if you remember to register before the deadline, a date that usually gets buried in the local news by the elections themselves. So if you make the time to show up the polls, but you forgot to register, you’re out of luck. That is, unless you live in the eight states that allow Same Day Voter Registration (Also know as Election Day Registration). If you just moved to Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Wyoming, or Washington DC you can register and vote at the same time, a one-stop-shop for all your civic engagement needs.

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In 1845, before Florida, California, and Texas were states or slavery had been abolished, Congress needed to pick a time for Americans to vote... More

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It's on Tuesday to avoid interfering with any religions Sabbath. If you move it to Friday/Saturday, Jews can't vote...

Posted by David on blog post Why Do We Vote On Tuesday?

I feel that you should have polls open Saturdays and not on Tuesday which is inconvenient for most Americans...

Posted by camille riordan on blog post Why Do We Vote On Tuesday?