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No Excuse Absentee Ballots


Absentee ballots already allow voters with an excuse – like travel or sickness – to vote using a mail-in ballot. In many states a voter needs to send in a written request for a ballot and some states even require a notary or witness to sign the envelope along with the submitting voter.

But why should voters need an excuse to cast an absentee ballot?

A policy of “No Excuse Absentee Ballots” allows anybody to request an absentee ballot for any reason – to save time, avoid the lines, work around a busy work or childcare schedule, anything.

30 States already provide No Excuse Absentee Ballots to any voter that requests one, and in Oregon and Washington, it’s the only way to vote. The downside to no-excuses absentee ballots is that voters don’t enjoy the “zone of privacy” of the ballot box. When voting at home it’s possible for spouses, relatives, and others to look over a voter’s shoulder while they vote and “make sure they do the right thing.” Voting too early before the election also makes it possible that voters do not have the full information that comes with a campaign.

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