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Saturday, January 19th, 2008

107,000 Turn Out For Nevada Dem Caucuses *

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — E-mail from Kirsten Searer at the Nevada Democratic party:

The Nevada Democratic Party released the following turnout information today and will update this information later in the day:

With 84 percent of the precincts reporting we are seeing record turnout with more than 107,000 caucus attendees.

Stay tuned for a look at who was not able to participate and why.

UPDATE: With 98% reporting the number is now 115,800.

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Vegas Delegate Counts


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Coming to you from the Wynn hotel, which turned out to be the biggest at-large caucus. Here are the numbers hot of the press from the Nevada Democratic party:

Staff members from the Nevada Democratic Party have counted the number of eligible caucus goers in the nine at-large precinct caucuses on the Las Vegas Strip. The number of delegates that will be elected at today’s at-large caucuses will be:

Wynn: 79 delegates
Bellagio: 62 delegates
Mirage: 69 delegates
Paris: 61 delegates
Luxor: 77 delegates
New York New York: 34 delegates
Rio: 28 delegates
Flamingo: 49 delegates
Caesars Palace: 33 delegates

These delegates have been allotted based on attendance at each individual at-large precinct caucus. The at-large delegates will be awarded today in addition to the 10,446 delegates already allocated to Nevada’s 1,754 neighborhood precincts.

Video to come. Caucus results here.

Wynn photo via Edward B. on flickr.

Friday, January 18th, 2008

On the Road to Vegas

Welcome to Nevada

LOS ANGELES, CA — Early morning in California. 5:56AM to be exact. Making last minute moves and then we’re headed out the door and into the car to cover tomorrow’s Nevada caucuses. If you think the Iowa caucuses are tough to participate in, try their Nevada counterparts, I’m just trying to keep checking this page for when the promotions are out for betting, I can’t wait to win.

Last week, Wonkette pointed out one of the critiques of holding a caucus on a Saturday morning. Last year, WT? Advisory Board member Tova Andrea Wang reported, that in 2004, less than one percent of eligible general election voters participated in the Nevada caucuses! And let’s not forget the controversy over at-large caucus sites (and Bill Clinton’s feelings about the controversy).

Stay tuned here for the second in our Un-Caucus video series in the days ahead. And follow along with us on Twitter.

Photo by acmelucky777 via flickr.

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