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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Meet Desiline Victor, 102

It looks like President Obama will give yet another shout out to election reform in the State of the Union tonight.

Reports say that Michelle Obama has invited Desiline Victor, a 102-year-old resident of North Miami who waited in line for hours to vote, to sit in her box during the speech.

What will the President say? And will Congress act? Watch this HuffPost Live segment to see what experts from the Brennan Center, Lawyers from Tenenbaum Law and The Nation think.

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Brennan: How To Fix Long Lines

The Brennan Center For Justice At NYU released a new study, How To Fix Long Lines, and we’re thrilled to see weekend voting is one of the solutions they’re advocating:

Evidence shows that early voting increases as Election Day nears — the weekend before Election Day has particularly high turnout. Mandating the availability of weekend voting, as well as both standard business and non-business hours during the week, frees citizens from making a choice between work and voting.

To read the complete report, click here.

UPDATE: Democrats say in the New York Times Obama will address election reform in the State of the Union next week.

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Live-Tweeting Election Reform

Our Tom Rossmeissl was at the Brennan Center’s conference on election reform yesterday in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club, and live-tweeted the affair.


Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

AG Holder, Ready For Election Reform

More people waited in line to vote in 2012 than in 2008. Just check out this infographic from Pew for the evidence.

As Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday, this is a continuing problem with our voting system that we need to fix.

This means taking steps to address long lines at polling places – and ensuring that every polling place has an adequate number of voting machines. We must acknowledge that giving our fellow citizens access to the voting booth for longer hours and over additional days will enable more of them to cast their ballots without unduly interfering with the work or family obligations that so many have.

Here’s an idea: sign our petition to Congress and the President for the Weekend Voting Act.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Dispatches From The Polls

Happy Election Day! First and foremost, even though Tuesday stinks, vote today. As Thomas Paine said, it’s the right which protects all others. That said, we still think voting on Tuesday is completely absurd and we vote on this day for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.

If you’re wondering why American voter turnout is so low, look no further than the day of the week. Particularly because 15 states where over 60 million eligible voters live cast ballots ONLY on Tuesday.

We’ve been monitoring Twitter for dispatches from the polls, and we wanted to share others frustrations with Tuesday with you.


Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Greetings From #Nerdland

Our Jacob Soboroff spoke with Melissa Harris-Perry on her MSNBC program, aka #nerdland, this morning about the absurdity of Tuesday voting, particularly the fact that in 15 states over 60 million eligible voters are forced to vote only on Tuesday. Harris-Perry said why she likes what we’re doing:

I love this idea of actually question what our voting practices are, because I think typically we always think of — however we vote — we think of it as natural or True with a capital T, rather than the result of kind of political wrangling.

In the segment, Harris-Perry showed a map of the 15 states in which there is Tuesday-only voting. (more…)

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