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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Win $64,000 by predicting this year’s turnout

As usual, 2014 voter turnout is going to be low. How low? Predict this years turnout correctly and you could win up to a $64,000 cash prize.

Check out the challenge here.

One Response to “Our #LetsFixIt Challenge”

  1. Mark Baland Says:

    Moving Election Day from a Tuesday to the weekend might result in more people voting, but it would make it harder for low income service industry workers to work, as their busiest, most important, and most profitable work days are on the weekend when other employees are off to go shopping and eating. In a lot of places, especially in many poor areas with lots of minorities, voting is not as easy as in other places. With laws being passed against early voting, many people who will not be able to get off work on election day are being disenfranchised. Some people have proposed making election day a national holiday, but as we all know, many employers would still want to stay open for business, especially in the service industry, so many of the same workers (fast-food, restaurant, and retail, to name a few) would still have trouble getting to the polls. Also, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, police, and electric grid technicians provide essential services which would still be needed, making it hard for many of them to get to the polls as well. The solution which I propose is to establish an election week, with 7 days of voting, and divide the population into 7 roughly equal groups, alphabetically, based on the first letter of their last name, and assign voters to each day weeks or months in advance, and require employers to give all workers the day off on their assigned voting day. That way, it’s convenient for voters, and employers, as it is unlikely that most or all of most employers’ employees would be scheduled for the same day…

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