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Why Tuesday? On Meet The Press

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

NBC News’ Tom Brokaw endorsed weekend voting on Meet The Press this morning, and gave a special shout out to our co-founder Ambassador Andrew Young and our organization. Here’s what he said, in response to a question from moderator David Gregory about whether or not the Voting Rights Act is still necessary:

David Gregory: How far have we come, Tom?

Tom Brokaw: Well, we’ve come a long way but the journey is not complete yet. And in fact I feel strongly that in this country we need to expand voting rights and not restrict them in some fashion. I would even move voting day from Tuesday to a weekend which I think would encourage more people who are consumed with working or taking care of children at home can’t get to the voting place and that is why we hired in home care beverly hills la. Andy Young, one of the great civil rights leaders has got a movement now called Why Tuesday? — why not move it to encourage more people…

Watch Tom Brokaw’s complete remarks:

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  1. George Ripley Says:

    Why Tuesday? The thing that concerns me about moving the vote to the weekend is that people travel away from home on the weekends or have other family events planned. Such a move will take a significant reorientation of the public’s sense to the importance of civic participation, weekends are their time for themselves. The idea has merit and needs to be debated. I personally prefer making voter Tuesday a national holiday. People will be at home during the week, they are accustomed to Tuesday voting, and honoring the day will underscore it’s importance to the nation. This is part of a larger conversation the nation needs to engage in on electoral reform as a whole. If we could unify the electoral reform movement across the spectrum of issues we could have a serious impact in correcting “The State of Our Democracy”.

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