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Chelsea Clinton Asks: Why Tuesday?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

We were so excited to see Chelsea Clinton tweeting this morning about the question that drives us nuts around here day in and day out: why do we vote on Tuesday?

Of course, the answer: there’s absolutely no good reason whatsoever and we should move Election Day to the weekend so more people can vote. Clinton also got other suggestions from her followers.

Thanks, Chelsea, for putting a spotlight on America’s broken voting system and the ways we can fix it to increase our country’s horrendous voter turnout.

One Response to “Chelsea Clinton Asks: Why Tuesday?”

  1. Micheal Towers Says:

    Why indeed?
    1. Why only one day?
    2. Why not a week?
    3. I can pay my taxes electronically. I can make all my money transactions electronically. Why can’t I vote electronically?
    4. Which party is publically engaged in suppressing the vote?
    5.Who benefits the most when more people vote?

    How do we fix the gridlock?

    1. Multiply both the House and Senate by 4 = more representation, opens the system to more Parties and makes it harder for money to herd the cats.
    2. Get rid of the electorial college = reduces the undo influence of small states on the primaries.

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