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Romney Is Stumped, Too

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Mitt Romney doesn’t know why we vote on Tuesday — joining fellow 2012 presidential candidates Santorum, Gingrich and Paul in being stumped by a question that is crucial to the day they live for: Election Day.

We ask the question because American voter turnout ranks near the bottom of all nations in the world, and we hope that when the candidates learn the absurd and antiquated answer it will get them and others thinking about ways to best increase America’s horrendous voter turnout — including voting on the weekend.

Here’s the exchange between Romney and Michigan journalist Brody O’Connell:

O’CONNEL: Do you know why historically elections are held on Tuesdays?

ROMNEY: I have no idea.

Romney was asked by O’Connell, a multimedia journalist at Michigan’s WPBN-WTOM TV 7&4, as part of a larger interview. O’Connell had filed a report about our movement last week, and his question to Romney was a follow-up. Watch their complete exchange yourself.

With Romney’s response, we can officially say the 2012 Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge is now complete, with all of the 2012 candidates on the record about what they’d do to get American voter participation out of the basement. I personally spoke with Santorum and Gingrich last December in Iowa, and Ron Paul four years ago in that state.

In case you missed it, here’s Gingrich being stumped:

And Santorum:

And Paul, back in 2008:

You can support our effort to move Election Day to the weekend by signing our petition.

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