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TED Talk: Ask Why For A Change

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Late last year I was asked to travel to Phoenix to speak at the TEDxPhoenix conference at the Mesa Arts Center, the site of the next debate between the GOP presidential candidates.

The topic of the day’s speeches was “Ask _____ For A Change,” and of couse I filled in the blank with the word “Why” as a starting point to discuss the work we have done here since 2005 to increase America’s terrible voter participation. Here’s how the organizers described it:

In his TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 TEDxTalk, Jacob takes us through his extraordinary journey with the question “Why?”, and more specifically, the question “Why do we vote on Tuesday?”

The video of my talk was just posted, and in it I detail the six year history of our organization — and how powerful our simple question truly is — in nine minutes with video, slides, and some laughs.

I will be giving a follow-up talk at TEDActive at the end of this month in Palm Springs, because as you’ll see I promised in the video, I teamed up with Participant Media’s TakePart.com to go on the road with a video camera to talk with 2012 GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum about what they’d do to increase voter turnout.

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I feel like Sunday should be the voting day in the US. Tuesday is just so inconveniant for many people that it's going to lower the vote count and make only the really extremists vote

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It ought to be on a sunday. no other country in the world does elections on a weekday.

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