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Quoting Chris Rock on MSNBC

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Yes, indeed, I did quote Chris Rock yesterday on MSNBC when talking about our efforts to making voting as accessible, convenient and reliable for all Americans. I spoke with host Thomas Roberts about the Weekend Voting Act and ways the franchise is being restricted this election cycle.

Thomas kicked off our chat with an important question:

Why have the rules around this vote not changed and stuck around so long as modern day society has obviously advanced from having to worry about our harvest and leaving from home on a Sunday night to get somewhere by Tuesday?

To find out my answer, watch the video.

You can support our push to move voting to the weekend by signing our petition.

One Response to “Quoting Chris Rock on MSNBC”

  1. Egbert Oostburg Says:

    Jacob, congrats on getting the message out about voter rights through the mainstream media. It only stands to reason that if our elected leaders truly wanted to represent their constituents, then any initiative enabling more voters to cast their vote would be welcome. But as you pointed out, why disrupt the status quo that got you elected (or re-elected 10+ times) for a system that may jeopardize your chances? That might actually cause you to REALLY listen to and craft legislation that was in the best interest of the district, the state, and the ultimately the country. Because while special interest groups may control the agenda through media buys, they wouldn’t be able to drown out a majority of voters that are not only unhappy, but also downright sick and tired of another “cut-and-paste” politician replacing the last candidate. And this applies to both sides of the aisles. Kudos on empowering more citizens to have their voices heard!

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