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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Earlier this week Ralph Nader hosted a forum, as part of his Debating Taboos series, between our co-founder Norm Ornstein and Fred Smith about mandatory voting. In this clip, Norm discusses Why Tuesday? and weekend voting. He makes clear he thinks, as we do, the reason we vote on Tuesday is a bit… outdated.

Why do we vote on Tuesdays? It’s not because it’s written in the Constitution or it came down from the framers. It has to do with market day back in the 19th century. I’d like to move our elections to the weekend. Have a 24-hour voting period from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. Maybe have a couple of days of early voting. You need to make it easier for people to vote, you need to make it easier for people to register, you need to move away from the notions that there are incentives for parties to keep this limited to a fringe or small group of activists and open up a process and make it less difficult for people to vote.If you need more info about this you can go to our partner website here

To watch the full debate, click here.

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Patrick, France is a post-Christian secular country. Relatively few of them attend church, and voting on Sunday does not interfere with their religious practices, because most of the population is not religious...

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In France they last voted on a Sunday. France is despite the Bourbon legacy a largely Catholic country, yet they vote on Sunday...

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I think weekend voting would make the most sense, as people wouldn't have tu run home after work or wake up early to hit the polling stations beforehand.

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