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Weekend Voting Coming To San Fran

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

SF Weekend Voting

There were lots of election returns to pay attention to last night, but there was one in particular we had our eye on. “Proposition I” in San Francisco, also known as the “Saturday Voting Act,” passed, establishing a Saturday Election Day in addition to the traditional Tuesday one for the November 2011 general election there. According to the data, voters there cast their ballots overwhelmingly in favor of the proposition.

I – Polling places open on the Saturday before the November 2011 election

590 of 590 precincts reporting

• YES 92,158
• NO 63,949

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg endorsed the idea last week and encouraged the voters of San Francisco to make their city a national leader on the issue of election reform. The Saturday Election Day will take place if the money is raised privately to fund the endeavor. Proposition I was pushed by Why Tuesday? San Francisco, a local movement inspired by our work nationally.

Illustration of San Francisco voting on Saturday via Why Tuesday? San Francisco.

2 Responses to “Weekend Voting Coming To San Fran”

  1. Linda Says:

    Sure, SOUNDS good. But, does the City have enough voting equipment? How about poll workers, you know, they may have to recruit and train twice as many, and they have language requirements to fill.. And, do the people of San Fran realize that they can vote by mail AND City Hall is open for voting for 29 whole days before the election, including the two weekends prior to major elections? This is going to be very costly!!! Where is the money coming from? What other city services will be cut?

  2. dan Says:

    Linda — maybe the money to pay for the increased election expenses can come from reduced enforcement of victimless crimes? 🙂

    The problem is that for good or bad, government is a very important force in our lives, so citizens need more ways to control it.

    In fact, the polls should also be open Sunday, because Saturday is just too packed for lots of people, and others of several different faiths will have religious reasons for not wanting to vote on Saturday.

    But adding Saturday is a good start.

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