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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Get Out The Why!

Do you know why Election Day is on Tuesday? Specifically, “the Tuesday after the first Monday in November”? Don’t fret as Presidents, Senators, Congressmen and almost everyone we have asked didn’t know either. The times are changing and with your help the decision by Congress in 1845 to accommodate farmers will be adapted to the modern day reality that voting on Tuesday is no longer the most convenient day to cast your ballot.

Get Out the Why is our biennial national call to anyone with enough gumption and a video camera (or phone) to ask politicians and influential Americans (“influencers”) why Election Day is on Tuesday. We are offering cash rewards (and better than that, priceless and tax-free psychic income for helping our democracy) for your video submissions that fit the bill.

Here is how Get Out the Why works:

Anyone who gets a politician or influencer on camera answering the question, “Do you know why we vote on Tuesdays?” gets their video posted to our site. Watch this video for some examples from our Executive Director Jacob Soboroff. For those who get certain politicians and influencers, there is a cash prize for your efforts. To win, you must follow the rules.


$25,000.00 for a clip of President Obama answering the question.
$10,000.00 for a clip of Vice President Biden or any former President answering the question.
$1,000.00 for a clip of former Vice Presidents answering the question.
$300.00 for a clip of United States Senators answering the question.
$200.00 for a clip of specific influencers answering the question.
$200.00 for each clip of a Governor or U.S. Representative answering the question.
$50.00 for each clip of a senatorial candidate answering the question.


Neither Get Out the Why nor WhyTuesday.org condones or encourages any illegal or inappropriate behavior, and anyone who submits a tape obtained through such means will receive no reward nor any posting of their submission. Before receiving their prizes, all winners will have to complete a signed statement confirming that they have complied with these rules, and have not obtained their interview through illegal or inappropriate means including- but not limited to- staking out an official’s private residence, stalking an individual, modifying their tape to give a false or deceptive impression, or damaging any public or private property in their efforts to get the footage. We reserve the absolute right not to post or consider for a prize any video that we deem to have been inappropriately obtained, of insufficient quality, or not in keeping with the rules of the contest. Clarity of sound and image, as well as the quality of the question and the response, will all be judged.

Some restrictions: members of the press corps, employees of political campaigns, and employees of any State or Federal official may submit video, but are not eligible for any cash prizes.

For us to receive your submission, you’ll need to submit your video’s embed code using our “Contact Us” form. Only videos that are hosted elsewhere, but can embed and play right on our blog will be considered for the contest.


The deadline for all submissions is 11:59PM on November 2, 2010.


Once we have selected a video for a given elected official, we can’t give out any prizes for that person. In the case of prize-eligible videos, this means the prize will go to the first video that we receive that meets the criteria herein, regardless of when it was taken or posted elsewhere on the Internet


In no particular order, here’s who you’re looking for, and some folks we’ve already talked to (hyperlinked). Hyperlinked names marked with an asterisk (*) are still in play.

PRESIDENTS: Barack Obama*, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

VICE PRESIDENTS: Joe Biden*, Dick Cheney, Al Gore*, Dan Quayle and Walter Mondale.

U.S. SENATORS: Senators of the 111th Congress. Al Franken (D-MN); Bill Nelson (D-FL); Barbara Boxer (D-CA); Diane Feinstein (D-CA); Debbie Stabenow (D-MI); John Kerry (D-MA); Herb Kohl (D-WI); Russ Feingold (D-WI); Richard Lugar (R-IN); Fmr. Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA).

U.S. REPRESENTATIVES: Representatives of the 111th Congress. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi* (D-CA 8th); Steve Israel (D-NY 2nd); Dennis Kucinich (D-OH 10th); Ron Paul (R-TX 14th); Barney Frank (D-MA 4th); Todd Platts (R-PA 9th); Jane Harman (D-CA 36th); Mike Thompson (D-CA 1st); Tim Ryan (D-OH 17th).

GOVERNORS: Current United States Governors. Arnold Schwarzenegger* (R-CA); Fmr. Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR); Bob Riley (R-AL); Fmr. Governor Tom Vilsack (D-IA).

MAYORS: Michael Bloomberg (New York City); Antonio Villaraigosa (Los Angeles); Richard Daley (Chicago), Gavin Newsom (San Francisco), Annise D. Parker (Houston), Cory Booker (Newark), Michael Nutter (Philadelphia), Phil Gordon (Phoenix), David Bing (Detroit), Chuck Reed (San Jose), Mayor Julian Castro (San Antonio), Thomas Leppert (Dallas) and Jerry Sanders (San Diego).

INFLUENTIAL AMERICANS: Brian Williams (NBC News); Diane Sawyer (ABC News); Jon Stewart (The Daily Show); Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report); Bill O’Reilly (FOX News); Glenn Beck (FOX News); Sean Hannity (FOX News); Greta Van Sustren (FOX News); Sarah Palin (FOX News); Keith Olbermann (MSNBC); Rachel Maddow (MSNBC); Larry King (CNN); John King (CNN); Andy Rooney (60 Minutes); Charlie Rose (PBS); Jim Lehrer (PBS); Michael Steele (RNC Chair); Tim Kaine (DNC Chair); Rahm Emanuel; Karl Rove (FOX News); Bill Maher (HBO); Arriana Huffington (Huffington Post); Howard Feinman (Huffington Post); Marc Ambinder (The Atlantic); Al Hunt (Bloomberg News); Mark Shields (Syndicated Columnist); David Brooks (NY Times); Joe Klein (TIME Magazine); Matt Bai (NY Times); Joe Scarborough (MSNBC); Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone); Ben Smith (Politico); Mike Allen (Politico); Andrew Sullivan (The Atlantic); Katrina Vanden Huevel (The Nation); George Stephanopoulos (ABC News); Jake Tapper (ABC News); David Gregory (NBC News); Chris Matthews (MSNBC); David Broder (Washington Post); Kathleen Parker (CNN); Chris Cillizza (Washington Post); Eliot Spitzer (CNN); George Will (Washington Post); Steve Jobs; Chris Rock; Bill Gates; Warren Buffett; David Koch; George Soros; Noam Chomsky; Greg Mortenson; Rick Stengel (TIME); Katie Couric; Wolf Blitzer; Tom Brokaw; Anderson Cooper*; Sam Donaldson; Tim Russert.


• You may just have the time to blurt out, “Senator Such-and-Such, do you know why Election Day is on Tuesday?”

• If you have more time: “Senator, I know that voter turnout is very important to you, and of course Tuesday elections are a central part of your professional life. Do know why we vote on Tuesdays?”

• If you have a lot of time, you can ask a follow up: “Senator, do you think it makes sense that we vote on a day chosen for the convenience of voters over 150 years ago, when the way we work, live, and travel is so entirely different today?”

• As long as you are respectful but firm, you will get an interesting answer and we will be delighted to see it and pay you the money you deserve

You get some dough. Our elected officials get educated about an important issue. Everyone wins.

So go, Get Out the Why, and send us your submissions using this feedback form.

One Response to “Ask ‘Why Tuesday,’ Win Cash”

  1. Mark Lipski Says:

    When you say “Influential Americans”, you should really be saying Influential “Press Agents?” What about people like Bill Gates, Noam Chomsky, Steve Jobs, Greg Mortenson?

    Anyway, Good luck!

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