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Bloomberg Wants To Boost Turnout

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Bloomberg on TODAY

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was on the TODAY show this morning talking with host Meredith Viera about NBC’s Education Nation summit. But the first question posted to the mayor by Viera was about the upcoming midterm elections. She told the mayor about “a recent poll” which found that only 55% of young voters are “absolutely certain” they are going to head to the polls in November. Bloomberg was quick to respond with his thoughts about low voter participation.

I think it’s disappointing the percentage of the public that votes every year. It’s always much too low. People around the world would fight and die for the right to vote and we take it for granted…

The public is frustrated. No question about that. We have too many people who have lost their jobs, lost their houses or at least need it repair from Residential Roofing companies. The public doesn’t have confidence in the future. For the first time they think maybe their children will not have a better life than they did.

No better reason than to start talking about fixing America’s broken voting system. You can read our previous coverage of Mike Bloomberg’s election reform plan by clicking the links below. For the full video of the Bloomberg’s appearance on TODAY, click here.

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