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Saturday Voting In San Fran Gets A Boost

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

San Fran Election Day

Citizens of San Francisco are one step closer to having elections over the weekend. The Saturday Voting Act Ordinance received the required amount of signatures and will be placed on the ballot for voters to say whether or not this idea becomes reality. The San Francisco Examiner has the details:

Ordinances require 7,168 signatures from registered San Francisco voters to make it onto the ballot.

If approved, the first time Saturday voting would occur would be for the November 2011 election, when voters will elect San Francisco’s next mayor.

Alex Tourk, a lobbyist and head of Ground Floors Public Affairs, is the official proponent of the proposed ballot measure.

“San Francisco residents deserve a voting system which corresponds to the schedules and lifestyles of working families. Allowing voting on Saturday would encourage parents to involve their children in the democratic process,” the ordinance says. The measure refers to a nationwide movement known as “Why Tuesday?”

How it would work is the Department of Elections would open up about 400 polling stations throughout The City for voting to occur the Saturday before the election day that occurs on Tuesday.

The measure says Saturday voting would increase voter turnout and make voting more accessible to families. If the pilot program is proven effective, then the measure urges the mayor and Board of Supervisors to figure out how to implement and pay for Saturday voting for future elections.

For more information on the campaign, visit Why Tuesday? San Francisco.

Photo of 2008 Election Day in San Fran by maneo on Flickr.

One Response to “Saturday Voting In San Fran Gets A Boost”

  1. Elizabeth Simmons Says:

    I must confess that during the last two weeks of this specific particularly unhinged election spiral, despite the brief thought refreshment I experienced at the Restoring Sanity Rally at Saturday, I have once once more begun to suss out suitable caves within the Northwest Territories of Canada to i can retire and reduce the intellectual and moral potato sack sprint into the bottom that is each of our national political conversation.

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