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Brokaw, Olbermann on Why Tuesday?


Friday, August 29th, 2008

While I was at the Democratic National Convention earlier this week, some of you told us that Tom Brokaw of NBC News spoke on-air about Why Tuesday? and our efforts to make the state of America’s voting system an issue our elected officials cannot afford to avoid. Well, I found the clip!

Some of you may remember that Brokaw shouted us out in May during election night coverage as well.

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Still don’t know why we vote on Tuesday? You’ll find the answer here.

5 Responses to “Brokaw, Olbermann on Why Tuesday?”

  1. Daniel A. Beltran Says:

    I always thought that we should vote on Sunday, as does most of the world!

  2. Sally White Says:

    I agree that the week-end would be the best time for most people. Many are hourly workers and having only one day to vote is very restrictive and in some cases impossible. In the last election with the voting booths distributed according to will rather than based on how many voters in a given district, impacts the outcome of the election due to the many who cannot make it to the booth before closing time.

    Let’s have a two-day voting perion on a week-end in November and get everyone’s vote. Thank You!

  3. J Rome Says:

    Here in AZ most voters vote before the election. we are that lazy. A weekend vote would give others time to vote the polls should be open from 7 to 7 Sat and Sunday. All Americans should be allowed to vote and that means given the time to vote.

  4. patricia dzur Says:

    I think we should be able to vote via the mail….or over a two or three day period on a weekend.

  5. Tami Says:

    We can vote via the mail. It’s called absentee voting.

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I feel like Sunday should be the voting day in the US. Tuesday is just so inconveniant for many people that it's going to lower the vote count and make only the really extremists vote

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It ought to be on a sunday. no other country in the world does elections on a weekday.

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