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Senator Norm Coleman: Not Into Weekend Voting


Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Here is Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman’s full response to the question we sent to him last week about increasing voter participation.

To watch Al Franken’s response, click here.

4 Responses to “Senator Norm Coleman: Not Into Weekend Voting”

  1. Noah Kunin Says:

    This isn’t a very strong answer. He mentions mail-in ballots for a half second but then doesn’t elaborate…

  2. Brian Says:

    But his party is the party that keeps people from voting. Caging lists, provisional ballots not counted, absentee ballots thrown away. He briefly mentioned voter fraud with isn’t the problem. The problem is election fraud committed by republicanderthals.

  3. Charlie K Says:

    Tradition, my patootie. His reluctance to change is shared by most republicans who wish to keep Election Day voting tough for working-class Americans. Norm suggests the working poor should “take off work?”
    As an Ohioan, the Election Day trials of 2004 are still fresh, and should not be forgotten by anyone interested in a fair voting opportunity for all American citizens.

  4. sheli Says:

    warning – stereo-type buster. I’m a republican and I think it’d be a great idea to move voting day to the weekend. I can see how that would improve voter turn-outs. Course many of us working class types work the weekends instead of – and usually in addition to – the regular workdays. And we can’t afford to go on vacation when it’s a holiday. That’s ok, cause we’re usually working those too. In any case, we have to to work around it, if we want our votes to count. I’d think reforming, fixing or doing away with the electoral college on a federal level is somewhat more important and might even give a boost to moving the voting day to whatever is best for most people. Especially in states that are traditionally secure in their blue or red claoks. IF you feel your vote is merely anecdotal evidence for the press to ponder (whether you’re comfortable that your state will swing your way – or you expect your voice will be drowned out as always) you approach that date on the calendar half-heartedly. Knowing your vote really does count more – makes you care more. Makes you go that extra mile (and walk it with 3 kids in tow). You’ll miss a day or half a day’s work. You’ll live on rice and ramen for a month (again). Because this time your vote will actually count. This time, your voice will be heard. A law that’d keep your family safer? A policy that’d make your life better? A voting day – or, ooh! a representative – that makes better sense? This time, you’ll get out there and vote for them!

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