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College Superdelegates Ask, on YouTube, For Help


Monday, April 28th, 2008

Lauren Wolfe and Awais Khaleel are President and Vice President of the College Democrats of America, and they are Superdelegates. They claim in this YouTube video to be deciding who their votes will go to will be based on feedback they receive over the Web. This is… interesting? Strange? What do you think this says about our voting system?

Via HuffPo’s Off The Bus.

11 Responses to “College Superdelegates Ask, on YouTube, For Help”

  1. Danielle Clarke Says:

    “Barack’s Bills”

    1. transparency bill 2006
    2. tech plan 2007 = http://www.USAspending.gov
    3. sunshine bill 2008
    1. expose’s corrupt lobby money
    2. expose’s all government spending
    3. expose’s future spending

    What these bills do!

    “Give the power to the people to take back our government (watch politicians) through the internet, so we can rally together to stop negative pork barrel spending before it goes up for vote”

    Why would you support anyone else?? Unless your corrupt too??

  2. Kathi E Says:

    Please vote Hillary Clinton!! She knows the issues inside and out. Hillary is a strong, capable woman who will be a great President. Obama is going to raise taxes on the middle class, and with the economy the way it is, we can’t afford it. He doesn’t have enough experience and his friendships with very questionable characters has to make you wonder how many more there are and what kind of judgment he has.

  3. Bob Cook Says:

    OBAMA’S CHARACTER – Barack Obama demonstrates that more than just winning, we need to deserve to win. Obama is the candidate of Peace, and rejects the 90’s style mud slinging. Barack has so much love for everyone, and I wish Hillary could feel it, we certainly do!
    — Wall Street Journal preferred Obama’s Healthcare Plan over Hillary Clinton’s.

    — Washington Post gave Obama’s Economic Plan an A- and Hillary’s a C.

    — Obama was rated #1 in Environmental Policy by League of Conservation Voters.

    — Obama offers Comprehensive Education Plan for every American child from K thru College. http://blog.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2007/11/20/obama_offers_education_plan.html

  4. Cheri H Says:

    Obama all the way- he stands for the change this generation is looking for Hilary is old school politics, she seems to be like all the rest easily bought. Obama has tried very hard to be the “bigger man” so to speak and not get down and dirty. He stands for strong foreign policy (not ignoring the “bad guys”), intelligent peace (not getting our soldiers onto something for nothing), honest politics (I know it is an oxymoron but come on). Lets take back our government by supporting Barack, the government is supposed to work FOR the public, not us working for them. If you have studied the issues Hilary and Barack are not millions of miles apart on their ideas, it comes down to who you would trust to make the right decisions and have excellent judgement to run this country.

  5. Cynthia Turner-Graham Says:

    Lauren and Awais,
    Obama and Clinton have two fundamentally different views on how best to make democracy work and where they place its POWER. Clinton recognizes the need for engaging the power of the people to get elected, but there is much less evidence that she plans to continue this engagement, but rather “fight” for us, a solitary activity. On the other hand, in contrast, Obama squarely places the power in the hands of the people (remember government of, by and for the people?), building a ground force unmatched in recent history. He invites us to a collaboration, and Clinton to a deferment of power to her as leader.

    For these reasons, I believe if this country is to heal and access and exploit its greatest strengths, Barack Obama is our candidate! What we can accomplish together is much greater than the sum of what we can do individually. I implore you, use your power wisely and if you do, our country will recover its integrity, its collective strength and power and position in the world. We’re ALL counting on you! YES WE ARE!!!

  6. Stacy Says:

    Obama must be our next President of the United States Of America!

    It can no longer be politics as usual. Look at the state of our country! Look at how many people have lost their homes and jobs!

    To vote for Clinton is to have the same old politics, over and over! This is our time to stand up and say, enough is enough! This is our time to make a positive and significant difference, we are doing all in our powers. This is your time to make the choice for Obama! Please do it now.

    Thank you, Stacy

  7. Trish Says:

    True Leadership…

    It is not just words and eloquent speeches as some have said. Senator Obama has the Leadership, Strength, Wisdom, and Courage to say what the other candidates are afraid to say or just won’t say to the American people.

    He is telling us that division and fear can not and should not continue, for it will not lend it’s self to bringing about the solutions to our current problems or those that we may face in the future.

    America has been longing for change and has truly been inspired to believe that REAL change IS possible. Senator Obama has opened our hearts and minds to this possibility he HAS concrete solutions to our problems. AND he has inspired us as a people to believe in ourselves as to what WE CAN DO individually and collectively… Now that is what I call true leadership.

    Thank you,

    Senator Obama

  8. LaTasha Says:

    Obama is the candidate you should vote for.

  9. Arnetta Pullin Says:

    Lauren, Awais if you’ve done your homework & have really listened to the candidates,what should come through LOUD & clear is that Senator Obama does/ will tell you the TRUTH, even though it may not be politically expedient for him. He is honest & fair. I knew him when he was a community organizer. He has not changed. And, what makes some people think that just becuase your address happened to be Pennsylvia Ave that should qualify one to be President. Consider, folk slightly older that yourself, who have NEVER the choice to vote for someone OTHER than a Clinton or a Bush.Osmosis and/or living vicariously should NOT make one the bbest choice. IT IS OBAMA TIME!.

  10. Marquett Says:

    I have never wanted to be involved in politics before. That is until this year. Watching Hillary Clinton has motivated me to do more, to reach out and to participate in our election process. I have watched this candidate as well as Obama and without doubt or reservation concluded that she is the strongest candidate for the job of President of the United States. She has rolled up her sleeves and she is talking directly to the voters. She is so smart and has such a clear and concise grasp on our countries problems. She has presented real, viable solutions for our mortgage crisis, energy crisis (short-term and long-term), how to be better stewards of our planet with the creation of green collar jobs, her stance on cap and trade, foreign policy when dealing with leaders around the world as well as a responsible yet expedient plan to end the war in Iraq. And let us not forget her champion cause, Universal Health Care. I believe she is the only candidate that can make this a reality in our country because it is her passion. It is her core belief that ALL Americans in this rich nation should have affordable access to healthcare. Over the course of the past months she has really stepped-up and worked to reach out to the voters. She has asked them to tell her what they want from their president and their government. I think her campaign conversations with Americans say it best. She offers solutions and results, not speeches and rhetoric. The mood of the country and government will change when and only when we begin to see viable solutions and through hard work and determination of a very committed leader we then see the results. Hillary Clinton has my heart, soul and vote. I hope she can count on your support.

  11. Sue Says:


    Yes Hillary Clinton is very strong and inspirational. However, it is discouraging when our votes don’t count becuase the super delegates that we vote in office go over top of what the people who put them in office want. Our system is still set up for “the good ole boy school philosophy”

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