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Liveblogging: ABC News Philadelphia Debate

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008


PHILADELPHIA, PA — Greetings from the National Constitution Center, a spectacular venue here directly across the street from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, and a partner of our organization. The picture above is of our Director of Photography Thomas Macker as he prepares for tonight’s debate.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should be here soon. We’ll be, as we always do, keeping our eyes and ears open for talk about the voting system in Pennsylvania and around the country, and we’ll have a video report for you later this evening. Here in Pennsylvania, early voting and no-excuse absentee voting are not permitted, so it’s Tuesday or bust for Pennsylvania voters.

To register to vote in this state, you have to do so thirty days before an election — but so many folks are registering that it’s creating some problems, as Jen Rehill, the Bureau Chief of WITF Public Radio Capitol News pointed out earlier this month. As elsewhere, are issues here with voting machines too, and Brad Friedman, as always, is on top of it. More to come soon.

One Response to “Liveblogging: ABC News Philadelphia Debate”

  1. jean fletcher Says:

    To call the Tues evening ‘gathering’ a Debate is despicable. Both Charlie Gibson & George Stephanopolus should GO. To even use the word, journalist is an insult to those who are. There was a time when the news was instructive and non-bias, but both George & Charlie were out of bounds. Where in the world did they resurrect that lady who asked the Flag Pin question? A few years ago I switched to ABC from NBC for the very reason I will now return to NBC and Public Radio & TV for my news. ABC, George and Charlie should all be ashamed of themselves. Thank goodness the public is reacting and seeing through the deceptions we are being confronted with. After Ted Kopel left Nightline, I tried to adjust to the new format, but that too has fallen short. OH WHERE OH WHERE ARE THOSE WHO WENT BEFORE US,?

    From Chicago.

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