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On Larry King, America’s Broken Voting System

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Towards the end of his show tonight Larry King had hosted a panel with political commentator Ron Reagan, The Nation editor and publisher Katrina Vanden Heuvel and former White House press secretary Ari Fleisher. Larry took a call from San Francisco, and this is what transpired:

San Francisco Caller: In light of what we’re seeing with, um, for instance with texas when one candidate very well may win a primary while another very many wins the caucus; and also the question surrounding superdelegates and our electoral system in general, when we get to the general election that is… do you forsee any changes to the election process or any election reforms because of what we’re experiencing during this cycle?

Larry King: Do you see it Ari?

Ron Reagan: Yeah, it would be nice if there were some changes. Yeah, we could do away with the electoral college for one. We could stop with the caucuses and have primaries instead. Caucuses really are frankly out of a banana republic.

Larry King: Why do we still have the electoral college, Ari?

Ari Fleischer: Well, because it’s in the Constitution…

Larry King: I know.

Ari Fleischer: …and its very hard to amend or change the Constitution and I think the history of our country shows it’s largely worked — people don’t want to necessarily, you know there hasn’t been a groundswell for it — go to a popular vote system where really only the larger states get the most representation and the smaller states get short shrift.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: I don’t think the electoral college worked in 2000.

Props to the caller and to the producer who screened this question and let it through.

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