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The Tad Devine Interview: Uncut


Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Got 10 minutes? Here’s the raw footage of our wide-ranging Democratic superdelegate conversation with Tad Devine, a creator of the controversial system used today. The highlight: Devine is open to a reexamination of the very system he helped create. Another interesting moment — when I asked Devine if the system is undemocratic. Watch the video for his answer.

To help investigate who the superdelegates are, who they are pledging their vote to, and who has asked for their support, watch this video and get involved.

One Response to “The Tad Devine Interview: Uncut”

  1. Amy Bradley Says:

    Thanks for posting this uncut version. I was privileged to be assigned to 2 super delegates through the Off the Bus project and learned a bit along the way.

    One thing that struck me about this video, the one thing that stuck out and seems like a sore spot is where Mr. Devine characterizes the members of the DNC just prior to the institution of SDs as left and far-left. Hmmmmm.

    I know that it’s possible that Reagan centrism, then Clinton centrism, could be considered wholly responsible for what seems like the marginalization of progressive or liberal elements within the Dems, but might this also be, if not a cause, at least a troubling symptom?

    We’re stuggling in this election to reconcile populism with progressivism, it seems. We want the White House and we want to see a return to values that are more democratic, with a little “d”, as in average folk and not corporate interests. Does this work with a party who deliberately designed an election system to de-emphasize the more progressive elements within the party? Would Edwards or Kucinich have had more of a chance if the primary system had a different design. I think so.

    The one thing Mr. Devine and I can agree on, tho, is that a change has gotta come.

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