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Bill Bradley, E.L. Doctrow and Bradley Whitford on Fixing Democracy

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Brennan Center

Ring… ring… it’s the next president. Why Tuesday? Honorary Co-Chair Bill Bradley would tell the president-elect to enact “campaign finance reform, reform of the drawing of Congressional district lines and moving election day to Saturday and Sunday” if he was asked how to fix democracy. This is all part of a report issued by the Brennan Center at NYU.

Fixing Democracy asked participants what would happen if the president-elect rang them and posed an important question.

“You know, after this grueling, absurd campaign, I now see that the state of our democracy is something we have to grapple with right away. What should I do?

Burt Neuborne and James Johnson, Brennan Center Legal Director and Chair, respectively, would join Senator Bradley in suggesting that weekend voting is instituted. Larry David would make Election Day a National Holiday. See the responses of E.L. Doctrow, actor Bradley Whitford, and more here.

Image via Fixing Democracy.

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I feel like Sunday should be the voting day in the US. Tuesday is just so inconveniant for many people that it's going to lower the vote count and make only the really extremists vote

Posted by Jane on blog post Why Do We Vote On Tuesday?

It ought to be on a sunday. no other country in the world does elections on a weekday.

Posted by doug spencer on blog post Why Do We Vote On Tuesday?