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Why Super Tuesday?


Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

LOS ANGELES, CA — What is Super Tuesday all about? And what’s up with our six-month-long primary election schedule? In the United Kingdom, their elections last weeks, not months, and they rank 55th of all countries in voter participation. Our rank? 139th! Watch the video for more.

4 Responses to “Why Super Tuesday?”

  1. darryl Says:


    why didn’t all of the remaining states opt to hold their primaries/caucuses on super tuesday? why only 24 states? other states may complain that their voices won’t be heard by the time their particular primary rolls around, but i don’t see how that argument is relevant if said state didn’t opt for the earliest date possible for the primary/caucus, i.e. feb 5.

  2. Bob Frank Says:

    Here in Michigan the Democratic Party made a mess of the primary. For one thing my candidate, Obama, was not on the ballot. I was advised by the Michigan Democratic Party chairman to vote ‘uncommitted’. Of course he didn’t say the ‘uncommitted’ delegates, if they were seated, could vote for Clinton, whose name was on the primary ballot. Sound confusing? You bet. Count me in to fix the primary system.

  3. LeeW Says:

    Oh, great.

    Ask not what you can do for your country, but ask what you might complain about concerning the “inconveniences” involved in participating in the wonderful privilege we enjoy in the U.S. called democracy.

    Quit whining and vote according to the existing tried and true mechanisms.


  4. ALunc Says:

    I think it is overdue for Americans to register and vote on-line. I realize there is the possibility of some hacker messing us over, but if we can pay bills and file tax returns on-line, surely it’s also time for voting that way.

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