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New Voters Abroad Online!

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Following our video submission to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Executive Director and Why Tuesday? Chief Correspondent, Jacob Soboroff, sent me great news in an email this morning: voters abroad are now able to participate in the Democratic Primary via Internet!

Voting should be convenient for any eligible voter who wants to vote. And so the question remains: if ex-pats are good enough for this technology, isn’t everybody else who wants to vote?

Jessica Bernstein-Wax reports “Americans Abroad Can Now Vote Online” in a secure, user-friendly way.

Democrats Abroad is an official branch of the Party that represents democrats around the world. These voters are not voting online for their home States’ elections, but rather for the 22 delegates that will represent the abroad voters at the Democratic National Convention. Republicans Abroad is trying to accomplish a similar feat on their side of the aisle. Their attempts to partner with the G.O.P. have not yet worked.

Through a for-profit company called Everyone Counts, ex-pat voters register, receive a unique ID number and cast their ballots. Pretty simple, eh?

Stay tuned to Why Tuesday? for more information about these small steps to make voting more secure, convenient, and efficient.

Photo via bratan on flickr.

2 Responses to “New Voters Abroad Online!”

  1. ernest Says:

    i am from kosovo may name is ernest i voting foor hilary klinton

  2. ernest Says:

    i am ernest from kosovo i voting foor hilray clinton foor president usa i liked too been and how is usa angel.and to have in a world liberty and thx usa foor giv liberty foor state a world.

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