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Candidate Challenge: Mitt Romney


Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

MANCHESTER, NH — Increasing voter turnout is vital to a healthy American democracy… or in the words of Mitt Romney a “strong America.” We rank in the bottom 20% of nations in voter turnout despite spending billions of dollars on our elections. Why isn’t Romney, like 13 other candidates, talking about it?

We’ve been on the campaign trail for the past two weeks… and on the road talking to the presidential candidates for the past three months. 13 of 16 candidates have responded to our Candidate Challenge, and addressed a simple question: is our voting system broken? The vast majority of them agree on the answer: yes.

One candidate has turned down the opportunity to respond on multiple occasions: Governor Mitt Romney.

After formal requests to the Governor by mail, by e-mail and by phone, he hadn’t responded. So we brought the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge to Governor Romney, in Iowa and on the streets of New York City, and again, both times, he turned us down. In fact, he uttered only three words to us: “I sure do.”

Mayor Giuliani and Senator Thompson are the only other candidates who have yet to respond. Stay tuned for more on our efforts to get their thoughts on the state of our voting system. Better yet, if you see them, become a Why Tuesday? correspondent and ask them to respond yourself!

5 Responses to “Candidate Challenge: Mitt Romney”

  1. Cody Cooper Says:

    Good job! Don’t let Mitt off the hook to become accountable for implementation of those measures that, although he feels are irrelevant to him, are the essence of preserving our broad-based democracy. Perhaps because he is getting used to being 2nd, he is adopting Cheney-like mores with respect to the American electorate, despite his rhetoric, and is why he brushed Jacob aside when confronted with the question (see the video). Under such circumstances, he shouldn’t even finish 2nd! Stay on it, Why Tuesday.

  2. Ali A. Akbar Says:

    Romney will hold Why Tuesday? on a string until he realizes that you have a base and then earn free media and your thanks.

    While I support the cause… I don’t support Romney capitalizing on him avoiding Why Tuesday?

    Come on… you know I’m right, right?


  3. Jacob Soboroff Says:

    Ali, point well taken, but we don’t mind giving Governor Romney some tough love given all of the opportunities we’ve given him to answer if he believes our voting system is broken and what he’d do about it. We’ve reached out with a piece of snail mail, several e-mails to different members of his team, two talks with his chief spokesman, and two encounters with Governor Romney himself. In the video, the first encounter was in Iowa, the second in New York.

  4. Drew Dear Says:

    If you had been listening to Romney’s speech,you would know his answer. The ones who have been in Washington for years have lied and spend our money on porkbarrel projects so long, the poeple don’t trust any of them and thinks a honest person can’t change anything so why vote. That is what he means when he said Washington is broke.

  5. Lonnie Says:

    You have GOT to be kidding! You are telling me we are such an infantile nation that we’ve got to be “campaigned” into being interested in voting! C’mon, folks! Let’s be adults and take *some* responsibility for our actions! Isn’t it *SCARY* that we live in a society that even participating in our electoral process has to be exciting — or “spicey” — in order for people to vote.


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