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2008 Primary and Caucus Calendar

Last updated on June 1, 2008. Red denotes Republican-only; blue denotes Democrat-only; Gray denotes primaries or caucuses already completed. Visit Declare Yourself for registration information.

3 – Iowa caucus
5 Wyoming Republican Convention (50% RNC delegate cut)
8 – New Hampshire primary
15 – Michigan primary (100% DNC, 50% RNC delegate cuts)
19 – Nevada caucus
South Carolina Republican primary (50% RNC delegate cut)
26South Carolina Democratic primary
29 – Florida primary (100% DNC, 50% RNC delegate cuts)

1 Maine Republican primary
5 – SUPER TUESDAY – 23 states hold primaries or caucuses

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho caucus, Illinois, Kansas caucus, Massachusetts, Minnesota (caucus), Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico caucus, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah

9 – Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska caucus, Washington Caucus (half of Repub. WA delegates selected – info)
10 – Maine Caucus
12 – D.C., Maryland, and Virginia
19Hawaii, Wisconsin, Washington (half of Repub. WA delegates selected in primary – info)

4 – Ohio, Vermont, Rhode Island, Texas
8 Wyoming
11 – Mississippi

22 – Pennsylvania

6 – Indiana and North Carolina
13Nebraska and West Virginia
19 – Kentucky and Oregon

1 Puerto Rico
3 – Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota
6 Hawaii

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I feel like Sunday should be the voting day in the US. Tuesday is just so inconveniant for many people that it's going to lower the vote count and make only the really extremists vote

Posted by Jane on blog post Why Do We Vote On Tuesday?

It ought to be on a sunday. no other country in the world does elections on a weekday.

Posted by doug spencer on blog post Why Do We Vote On Tuesday?

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