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Happy Holidays from Why Tuesday?


Monday, December 24th, 2007

Thanks to everyone that has made this year such a fantastic one for Why Tuesday? and our efforts. 13 of 16 presidential candidates have responded to our Candidate Challenge, and in so doing, gone on the record about the sad state of our voting system. Watch the video for our holiday message to you.

All we want for Christmas is the three remaining candidates to respond.

The part of the video featuring Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney was shot at the Des Moines Register Republican debate in Johnston, Iowa. Those candidates, and Rudy Giuliani are the three candidates who haven’t taken the time to address America’s perilously low voter turnout. Ask them to respond here.

2 Responses to “Happy Holidays from Why Tuesday?”

  1. savvyconsumer Says:

    By the way, you missed Ambassador Alan Keyes. Please add him to your website. He is on the ballot in 17 states so far (more are being added all the time.) He’s on the ballot in primary states of: New Hampshire, California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, Conneticut, Washington state, Louisiana, Arizona, Utah, Missouri, Maryland, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Mississippi, …

    In the most recent USA Today/Gallop poll Ambassador Keyes is polling even with Ron Paul & Joe Biden, and above Hunter, Tancredo (now w/d) and all the rest of the Dem candidates, except Clinton, Obama and Edwards. I’ll get you the link.


    P.S.: (Your site is great — it is about “power to the people” and that is Alan Keyes’ main focus — returning sovereignty in this land to the people.)

  2. savvyconsumer Says:

    Here is the link for the 12/15/07 USA Today/Gallop poll:


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