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Why Tuesday? in TIME… kinda

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007


The good news: looks like Why Tuesday? has hit the big-time… almost.

I was reading the December 24th issue of Time magazine and noticed that as part of the cover story yours truly and WT? Director of Photography Tom Macker are featured in a photo as we interview Senator John McCain.

We were at the MTV/MySpace presidential dialogue in Manchester, New Hampshire to ask Senator McCain to respond to the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge, which he did.

Check out the photo, and a tiny bit of bad news, after the jump.

It’s only a picture – no mention of Why Tuesday? or what Senator McCain was talking about during the interview (the state of our voting system). Oh well, there’s always next time. Here’s the photo:


The photo – without a descriptive caption – appears on page 39 of the version of the magazine I got my hands on. Let me know if you see a caption mentioning Why Tuesday? in your local edition.

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