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Day 2: Iowa by Horse & Buggy

Thursday, December 13th, 2007


JOHNSTON, IOWA — Back inside the Des Moines Reigster Democratic debate after taking some loops around the debate site in our horse and buggy… just like yesterday. Why are we doing this? Because in 1845, when the “Tuesday after the first Monday in November” was set as our voting day by Congress, this is how folks traveled. Why Tuesday? Here’s the answer. We don’t travel this way any more… so why do we vote on the same day set to make voting accessible for the largely agrarian society of 1845?

We’re here to raise the volume of the national conversation about America’s voting system – which ranks far, far behind most countries in the world in the level of voter participation. We’re not partisan. We’re not pundits. We’re trying to have an open and honest discussion about increasing voter participation in America. Here’s our team.

Video of our journey by horse and buggy will appear here in the days ahead.

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