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In Larimer, CO, 94% Voter Turnout!


Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Last week I visited Larimer County, CO Clerk & Recorder Scott Doyle to talk about Vote Centers. Vote Centers have been credited with the 94% voter turnout in Larimer county in the 2004 presidential election. What’s the deal? Watch for more info.

For more on Vote Centers from Larimer County, click here for an explanation from the inside. For an outside look at Vote Centers, check this study out.

This week’s episode also features an appearance by election reform watchdog and friend of WT? Brad Friedman, editor and author of BRAD BLOG. I spoke to Brad earlier this week at his Hollywood, CA office.

Special thanks to WT? Board Member Norman Ornstein for the tip about the Vote Centers of Larimer County.

* Thursday Update: Reports of problems with electronic voting machines at Vote Centers in northern Colorado on Tuesday. Thanks to Brad Friedman for the tip. Watch the video to see Brad explaining why some are skeptical of Vote Centers.

4 Responses to “In Larimer, CO, 94% Voter Turnout!”

  1. Tom R Says:

    What was the turnout percentage in Larimer Co. before the introduction of vote centers?

  2. Jacob Soboroff Says:

    The general election turnout before vote centers were introduced was in the mid-60% range. Here’s a chart with historical turnout in Larimer.

  3. Ben M. Says:

    Interesting and definitely a bright idea. It seems that part of the country has historically always had a bit higher than normal voting rates but still, 94% is just unheard of. Congratulations to Mr. Doyle. I’m sure his job is very safe.

  4. Arlene Montemarano Says:

    Convenient yes, but voting is unlike any other transaction we participate in. It is anonymous. With Vote Centers, electronics are involved and therefore the votes can be stolen with no one being able to know that it has happened.

    And that is when convenience must take a back seat to transparency and accountability.

    Voting that can be assured to be honest is always done with paper ballots, hand counted at the precinct.

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