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Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Jake in Iowa

The deadline has come and gone for the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge, and I’d say we did pretty darn good. As of today we have responses from all but five of the sixteen candidates on our list.

Our trip to Iowa, where I am pictured at right, was a huge success – six candidates in five days. Who hasn’t yet responded? Take a look.

I should note that Tom Tancredo has indeed responded, but we haven’t had a chance to edit our interview with him yet. We should get that up within the next day.

So what about the candidates who haven’t responded yet? Well, there is still a year before Election Day 2008, which means plenty of time to let us know about where they stand on the state of our voting system. And don’t be surprised if we hit the road again to try and round out our list sooner than later. Thanks to all of the candidates that have responded so far. Whatever their position is about election reform, the important first step has been taken: starting a dialogue about when and how we vote in order to strengthen our democracy.

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