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Candidate Challenge: Fred Thompson


Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson is officially the first candidate to turn down an opportunity to discuss the state of America’s voting system and respond to the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge. Why? How? Where and when did he turn us down?

I spoke with both his Senior Advisor, Rich Galen, and his midwest political director, Andrew Dorr at the Iowa GOP’s Reagan Dinner this Saturday in Des Moines. Neither passed along my request to Senator Thompson, and the Senator himself turned down two opportunities to talk with me. Watch the video for the play-by-play.

Senator Thompson is, of course, still welcome and encouraged to submit a response to the Candidate Challenge. All he has to do is follow the instructions here.

6 Responses to “Candidate Challenge: Fred Thompson”

  1. I’m A Pundit Too | Presidential Campaign 11-01-07 Says:

    […] Candidate Challenge: Fred Thompson — Why Tuesday […]

  2. AllAboutVoting Says:

    I’d advise against posting videos like this showing failed attempts at interviewing candidates. I doubt that it is your intent but it feels like you are trying to smear or embarrass the Thompson campaign because they would not talk to you. I think that you get better results with honey than vinegar.

  3. Jacob Soboroff Says:

    AAV, we sent snail mail and e-mail requests to every campaign to submit a video response to the Challenge. Thompson didn’t reply, and we were at the same event he was (along with Huckabee, Tancredo, and Hunter). Huckabee, Hunter and Tancredo all talked with us, so we felt we should point out that Thompson and his staff turned down the opportunity after several requests throughout the evening.

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Although the bad news is our government is broken, the good news is the public sector and people like you want to fix it. Feel free to use http://www.USAjudges.com a site that restores transparency to government, in a way no other site does.

    (It was Texas attorneys who first recognized they could impact local judicial elections…long before attorneys in the other 49 states. Still nationally, ethical lapses persist – http://www.communityrights.org/Newsroom/crcInTheNews/WP04-18-06.asp)

    And on a state-wide basis, the first thing state judges did was to vote to make their proceedings confidential.

    Before the 5th District reminded citizens in their view, judges really are above the law:

    “Mitchell vs. McBride 944F.2D 229 “A judge will not be deprived of immunity because the action he took was in error, was done maliciously, or was in excess of his authority; rather he will be subject to liability only when he has acted in the clear absence of all jurisdiction.’ The rule of judicial immunity applies even where the judge is accused of acting maliciously or corruptly…Sariello vs. Campbell 860 F. Supp. 54”

    Other states have their own problems.

    Remember the Nebraska judge who ruled “no prison” for 5’1″ convicted child molester?

    USAjudges.com discovered Judge Christine Cecava was no maverick judge. She served as past president of the Nebraska Judges Association and (why does anyone write fiction?) on the ‘Task Force’ to protect children.

    As I mentioned at the judicial conference where I was invited to speak this summer, “Protect children from whom? Her?”

    Please know however, when California judges flame out; they do so in a mainstream kind of way…

    Former Judge Robert Kline

    Judge Wiatt

    So I think we have to thank regular Americans for caring enough to make our own government transparent. Especially since state officials and senators too busy with the war, (or not), will continue not holding judges accountable.

    So we’re all trying in our own way, to repair America and I thank you for your part in this effort.

  5. Jay Carl Doolin Jr. Says:

    Message to Fred. You should make welfare recieptants take a drug test in order to receive assistance. That would cut back on part of America’s money problems and obesity; because then they won’t be laid up on dope, eatin’ up everything in sight. And me having to pass a drug test to finance it. Hope you make it, We need a tough redneck President. Sincerly Jay Carl Doolin Jr.

  6. Denise Ragozzino Says:

    Is this Jay Doolin in Knoxville TN? From Oklahoma???

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