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Candidate Challenge: Ron Paul


Monday, October 29th, 2007

DES MOINES — Welcome to Iowa! Tom and I are on day three of our trip here. We’re in Iowa to get as many presidential candidates as possible answering the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge before the October 31st deadline. In first get of our trip, we caught up with Texas Congressman Ron Paul at a rally for his presidential campaign at the Iowa State Historical Museum in Des Moines.

Paul starts off by saying he has no election reform plan but as we continued our conversation, he came around. Although he didn’t know why we vote on Tuesday, he votes early and likes the convenience Texas affords him to do so, and when pressed, said he would “argue for” on a state-by-state basis, the implementation of early voting.

Come back in the days ahead for other candidates we’ve caught up with in Des Moines, including Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo who all answered the WT? Candidate Challenge in the last two days. On Saturday night we spoke with Fred Thompson, too, but he wasn’t quite as willing to share his thoughts about the state of our voting system. All that video, and more, as the week goes on. We’re off to Cedar Rapids to the MTV/MySpace dialogue with Barack Obama to see if he’ll talk about his feelings about the way we vote, too.

5 Responses to “Candidate Challenge: Ron Paul”

  1. william poirier Says:

    how about moving the general election up by 8 months so bush cannot start another war

  2. Karen Renick Says:

    Rep. Paul needs to wake and smell the enormous fraud that is being committed because of the use of voting machines. ALL of these machines, both the touchscreens and the ballot scanners, SECRETLY count over 90% of the votes cast in this country. They are no different than the shady “Back Rooms” of the past.

    The ONLY way we will know that our votes have been counted as cast is if voters hand mark a paper ballot and then the ballots are hand counted in full public view at each precinct. The results are posted at the precinct immediately after the counting is completed. Voting must involve a continuous, transparent chain of custody, that is, the ballots NEVER leave the open public view of the citizens. A video camera on the box all day and on the counting is also important.

    The voting machine corporations should not be counting our votes…we the people should! Go to http://www.voterescue.org for more info.

  3. Looter Says:

    Not to mention voting machines are easy to get into, and change values. All you have todo is volunteer and you, yourself, can elect Batman with 99999 votes in your county if 300 people :).


  4. Joe Says:

    I like the idea of voting on April 15. It would make people think. We need to get rig of all computer voting machines so that Ron Paul has a fair chance to win.
    Ron Paul 2008

  5. Hugh Nievs Says:


    ACLU Sues Over Paper Ballots in Ohio

    By THOMAS J. SHEERAN | Associated Press Writer
    3:20 PM CST, January 28, 2008

    CLEVELAND – The American Civil Liberties Union asked a federal judge on Monday to block the March 4 presidential primary in Ohio’s biggest county if it switches to a paper ballot system that doesn’t allow voters to correct errors.

    In a follow-up to a suit it filed Jan. 17, the ACLU of Ohio asked for a preliminary injunction against any election in Cuyahoga County if the switch is made.

    The lawsuit argued that the proposed paper-ballot system would violate voters’ constitutional rights because it doesn’t allow them to correct errors on ballots before the ballots are cast.

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