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“10Questions” for the candidates

Friday, October 19th, 2007


Our friends at TechPresident are producing a totally sweet initiative called 10Questions in cooperation with the New York Times Editorial Board and in association with MSNBC. It’s like the CNN/YouTube debate, only the users pick the questions that will be posed to the 2008 presidential candidates. You can add a question of your own to the mix by uploading it to one of several sites and tagging it “10Questions.” But you should also give a thumbs up to our question. I ask the candidates, in essence, to respond to the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge.

Speaking of the Candidate Challenge… time is running out! Candidates have until October 31st to lay out their plans for election reform in a video response. So far the only taker is Joe Biden… and that’s only because I ran into him in a D.C. coffee shop and had my video camera. Who will speak out next about the state of America’s voting system? Stay tuned.

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