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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

In August, CA Secretary of State Debra Bowen decertified certain types of voting machines used nationwide, citing security flaws uncovered by a University of CA study she commissioned. In this week’s episode, Bowen discusses her reaction to the study, how she thinks elections should happen in the USA, and her vision for voting in 2032.

4 Responses to “California’s Election Reformer”

  1. AllAboutVoting Says:

    And here, when I saw the title of this post I thought you were talking about me. Hey, I’m in Sacramento too!

    (Are you in Sacramento right now? Maybe we can have coffee. AllREMOVEAboutTHISVoting AT gmail.com)

    On topic: my thank you to Debra Bowen

    Also on topic, opscan is pretty good but it is imperative that a statistically meaningful portion of the paper ballots are audited against the reported results. CA does this but some places do not.

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  3. Valerie Lane Says:

    SAVElections Monterey County is an election reform group opposed to the use of All Software Dependent Voting Systems! For the past year members have been engaged with the BOS and ROV trying to open a dialog for meaningful discussion of our valid and serious concerns about our present Sequoia Touch screen (T/S)with VVPAT and Optical scan (O/S)Voting systems …without success.
    We have Sequoia Voting Systems (SVS) O/S used to count 2/3 of our ballots which are absentee. During the Nov. 2006 election 16,000 paper ballots had to be re-copied by workers after they were rejected by the O/S tabulators. The copies were re-submitted to the O/S for counting. We believe this is not an original ballot count and the process described is unacceptable. This is in addition to the fact that the O/S tally itself is also not an original vote tally but is a count of the “computer read interpretation” of the original ballot.
    Bowen’s Sequoia red team source code review makes it very clear that the value of “mitigating security measures” is highly questionable. Our SOS also tells us both the T/S and the O/S tally may be easily manipulated. Why is the potential for insider vote manipulation not addressed by the SOS? We all know that Mitigating security measures can not be guaranteed to be effective and the Vendors will not guarantee the vote tallies to be accurate. NIST can not design a test to prove an accurate vote count. It is the duty of our SOS to certify ONLY systems that are “free from fraud and manipulation” according to CA election code.
    Our SOS has confirmed that fraudulent vote manipulation can occur with and without leaving any evidence. How does our SOS justify putting the burden on the public to determine if and when vote tallies are in error, either through fault of “machine error or human tampering”? How can the SOS burden the public with the responsibility to call for an extended audit if we believe the tallies to be compromised when on such issues as the Nov. 2006 measures there was no way to even guess what an expected outcome would be? And who should pay for these audits? The Cuyahoga County rigged audit should make it clear that those in control of running elections have a vested interest in making sure every audit confirms the original tally. Having worked as poll watchers for two elections and having attended and observed all the public testing and audit procedures SAVE members will assure you that it is absolutely impossible to provide comprehensive meaningful oversight of our elections. In fact the ridiculous opening of the pols Zero balance report on T/S machines is an insult to the citizens who have used them. What about the past elections? Were the tallies correct? How would we know. There is No citizen who has read the reports who can possibly have any “confidence” in the vote tallies. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY with these sytems. It is time for our SOS to admit that the public has absolutely No meaningful oversight or control of our elections. Democratic elections demand that citizens mark their ballots in secret and cast and count the ballots in public. Our right to democratic elections has been violated. Our votes are being counted in secret..behind closed doors. We understand that following the release of the Top-to-Bottom_Review our SOS has been accused of creating “chaos and undermining public confidence” by Vendors and ROV’s. We appreciate hearing the truth from our SOS about the critical security vulnerabilities inherent in our SVS. NOWWOULD THE SOS PLEASE SUPPORT PEOPLE COUNTING PAPER BALLOTS AT THE PRECINCT AND STOP ADVOCATEING ABSENTEE BALLOTS? THE SOS KNOWS FULL WELL WHAT PROBLEMS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH ABSENTEE BALLOTS. DEBRA BOWEN WE SUPPORT YOU PLEASE SUPPORT OUR DEMAND FOR DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS.

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