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They lost her vote

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Singer/songwriter Ellen Bukstel wrote the song They Lost My Vote with former National Organization for Women Ft. Lauderdale president Nancy Wuerzburger after the 2006 election in Florida. During that contest, Christine Jennings lost a race for Florida’s 13th congressional district by several hundred votes — and over 18,000 votes went missing! Just spotted this music video version here. You can watch it below.

The Christine Jennings story was a part of Dan Rather’s report last week on HDNet.

One Response to “They lost her vote”

  1. AllAboutVoting Says:

    If you REALLY want to assure that your vote was counted as cast then you need to switch to a system that actually allows for that.

    One like Punchscan.

    Using paper ballots is not enough to prevent ballots from being miscounted.

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