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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Threat Level is a blog in the WIRED blog network. It’s a blog about “privacy, security and crime online,” but many of the posts are about the technological side of election reform. I just bookmarked it, and will be visiting often. Here are a few recent posts that will be of interest to the Why Tuesday? audience:

Senate to Hold Hearing on Security of Voting Machines (Today)

In the wake of the California report released last week showing that Red Team security researchers were able to hack voting machines from three of the top voting machine companies, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) announced today that the Senate Rules and Administration Committee will hold a hearing in September to examine the report’s findings.


One wonders where the senator has been the last four years that she’s surprised by the findings revealed in the report. Feinstein introduced a bill earlier this year that would require voting machines nationwide to produce a paper trail, but the bill has received little support in the Senate thus far.

CA Releases Results of Red-Team Investigation of Voting Machines: All Three Systems Could Be Compromised (July 27)

The team found that it could compromise all three of the top voting systems used in the state made by Diebold Election Systems, Hart Intercivic, and Sequoia Voting Systems, with the caveat that many, but not all, of the attacks they were able to accomplish on the machines could be mitigated with proper physical security of the machines, security training of staff, and contingency planning.

GAO Briefs House on Investigation into Disputed Florida Election (July 27)

The Government Accountability Office will be providing a closed briefing to Congress today regarding the progress of its investigation into last year’s disputed election in Sarasota County, Florida. You’ll recall that the race in question, in Florida’s 13 Congressional District, is under investigation due to questions about more than 18,000 ballots that registered no vote in that race and complaints from numerous voters that touch-screen voting machines used in the election failed to respond to their touch.

Click here for all of the Threat Level posts about E-Voting. All that I’ve seen are written by journalist Kim Zetter.

* A new post from Kim:
CA Releases Source Code Review of Voting Machines — New Security Flaws Revealed; Old Ones Were Never Fixed

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