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Nationwide primary day wins in a survey

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Megan Thee reports this morning in the New York Times that three quarters of Americans polled by the Times and CBS support reforming the ever-expanding election calendar by holding one nationwide primary day. She writes:

As many states continue to jockey for early dates in the presidential nominatinon process, most American voters would like to establish a single national primary day […]


Voters in the West, where states have historically held their presidential primaries later in the season, are particularly supportive of creating a single day on which the whole country would select the nominees.

Half of the voters surveyed said states like New Hampshire and Iowa, which have early nominating contests, have too much influence on who wins each party’s nomination.

Voters in the South, a region not represented in the earliest voting, are more negative about New Hampshire and Iowa than are those from regions that are represented earlier in the process.

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