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How to make a GOTW video happen – some advice from the Road Team

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

We’ve gotten some good comments on YouTube, and the Road Team was keen to respond to one from lucasderosa:

What you guys are doing is great. Your videos are well done and you handle yourselves well. The coolest thing about what you’re doing is that it shows that politicians aren’t as hard to interact with as one might think. Apparently you dont have to have ties to the press or any special clout to reserve a few minutes of their time, and I think demonstrating that is very important. It shows that anybody can be involved if you’re tenacious enough. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Also, do you think you could describe the process you went through to contact the people you have interviewed? Was it really as simple as showing up at the event with a camera and trying to get their attention? How difficult was it to get time to sit down with Mr. Kohl? Also, what inspired you guys to put this together?”

To which, our brave Road Team responds:

Thank you so much for your kind words and for checking out GOTW! We can’t take the credit for putting it together, for that you’ll have to talk to Mr. Wachtel and Ambassador Young. But we thank them for doing it just as you thank us! As far as getting the interviews, it’s the luck of the draw. Often times we just show up and wait for the official to arrive. In the case of Senator Kohl and Gov. Vilsack, we put an interview request in with their respective offices after telling them about the project. Just go out there and do what feels natural! While there’s an aspect to this project that some are calling “gotcha journalism,” we really don’t feel that’s the point. And fundamentally it’s for a great cause – increasing voter participation and turnout – so don’t feel guilty if you put someone on the spot!

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