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Senator Herb Kohl (D- WI): “It shouldn’t be on a day, Tuesday, when you are very very busy…”

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

GOTW Road Team, moving down the road. We caught up with Senator Herb Kohl in the Pfister Hotel coffee shop in downtown Milwaukee. An 18-year veteran of the Senate, Senator Kohl introduced the Weekend Voting Act in 2005, so this interview was a little different than the others. The Senator didn’t only know “Why Tuesday,” he had a lot of arguments for why Tuesday might not be the best way to serve all Americans. For the full scoop, peep the clip.

9 Responses to “Senator Herb Kohl (D- WI): “It shouldn’t be on a day, Tuesday, when you are very very busy…””

  1. az Says:


    Excuse me but where’s the Sen. Kohl interview? I only see 2 guys in ties driving around.

    Thank you,

  2. James Carmichael Says:

    It starts about 45 seconds in- the first 45 introduces Senator Kohl and his legislative record on the issue. Let us know what you think once you have the chance to check it.

  3. KJ Says:

    OK, this looked like fun. I’m glad Jacob has the time to do this. From what i remember of him, he was a very smart, astute kid when he helped on his dad’s campaign for Mayor of L.A. in 2001. Keep up the good work guys. This is better than Jay Leno’s sidewalk question (but not better than “ask the fruitcake lady”….LOL)

  4. James Carmichael Says:

    Thanks for the comment and compliments, KJ. Keep posted for more of Jacob’s (and hopefully many others’) adventures. As for the fruitcake lady, we shall endeavor to clear that high bar. You gotta have a dream.

  5. KJ Says:

    Damn, wish i had a camera. I’ll be at an event with former Pres. Clinton and many other members of Congress and Senate and I could clean up. I’d be going around saying “i’m riiiiich biiiiitch” I guess since i’ll be working i’ll be crossing the line of professionalism if i bring a video camera and ask questions. Shit. What good is clearance by SS if you can’t use it to make money?

    Good entry of Sen. Boxer by the way.

  6. Jacob Soboroff Says:

    KJ –

    Do it! Please! We need some company!

  7. James Carmichael Says:

    I second Jacob’s plea! Go for it! You’ll be remunerated in satisfaction as well as money!

  8. kimberly Says:

    I viewed a few of the video’s based on Jake’s urging via a coffee shop connection. I am impressed with the drive of this campaign to really prove to the people that voting does make a differnce; that by taking a stand and voting we can create change. That’s the real message here: voting does count, DO IT. Don’t let the negative voices win (my vote won’t help, can’t make a difference, etc). It’s not true and obviously all the people involved in Get Out The Why believe in the power of your vote, it’s time for you to believe it too.

  9. Jacob Soboroff Says:

    Thanks Kimberly.

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